Conversation Starters for Your Teenager

Figuring out what to say to your teen on some of life’s tougher issues, like medicine abuse, can be challenging. During adolescence these conversations can sometimes result in verbal bouts, rather than calm, informative discussions. Fear not! There are ways to broach these topics with your teenager the trick is to know the right questions to ask!

Cut out and use these conversation starters for opening the dialog with your teenager about serious teen issues, such as drug use or bullying. Remember to ask questions in an open-ended manner to avoid “yes” or “no” answers!

What is your best character trait? What is the one of which you can most improve? Describe your ideal moment of relaxation. What are your favorite hobbies? What are your least favorite chores?
Describe your proudest moment and the way you reacted/felt. How do you feel when you hear about kids abusing over the counter medicines, like cough medicine? What would you say if a group tried to pressure you and your friends to use drugs or alcohol?
Name three things that you’d like to do or accomplish before you graduate from high school. How do you feel about friends who drink alcohol or use drugs? Who would you consider to be your best role model? What do you look for in a role model?
Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? Why? When choosing a college, what are you looking for? Why do you think kids take risks or abuse drugs and alcohol?

Download Conversation Starters (PDF)