The Language of Prescription Drug Abuse

What you may hear… Translation
Big boys, cotton, kicker Various slang for prescription pain relievers
Chill pills, French fries, tranqs Various slang for prescription sedatives and tranquilizers
Pharming (pronounced “farming”) From the word pharmaceutical. It means kids getting high by raiding their parents’ medicine cabinets for prescription drugs.
Pharm parties Parties where teens bring prescription drugs from home, mix them together into a big bowl (see ‘trail mix’), and grab a handful. Pharm parties are usually arranged while parents are out.
Pilz (pronounced pills) A popular term used to describe prescription medications. Can also include over-the-counter medications.
Recipe Prescription drugs mixed with alcoholic or other beverages.
Trail mix A mixture of various prescription drugs, usually served in a big bag or bowl at pharm parties.

Street Names of Drugs

Drug Street Names
Amphetamine® Benz, Dominoes, Uppers, Fives, Pixies, Snap, Sparklers
Fentanyl® Dance fever, Goodfellas, Incredible Hulk, Jackpot, Murder 8
Methadone® Amidone, Fizzies
Methamphetamine® Beannies, Bling bling, Blue devils, Pink elephants, Crink
Ritalin® Vitamin R, West Coast
Morphine® Dreamer, Hows, Mww.S., Miss Emma, Mister blue, Unkie
OxyContin® 40, Cotton, 80, Hillbilly heroin, Kicker, OCs, Os, Pills
Vicodin® Vike, Watson, 387, Hydros
Percocet® Percs, 512’s, Roxy’s, Blue Dynamite, No Buffers
Valium® Blues, Drunk pills, Ludes
Xanax® Z-Bars, Bars, Footballs, Handlebars, White Boys
Adderall® Beans, Christmas Trees, Pep Pills, Bennies, Dexies, Uppers

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