Prescription drug prevention resources


RX for Understanding which includes 10 cross-curricular lessions for middle school students.

Heads Up – Real news about drugs and your body

  • What do you know about prescription stimulants?
  • Web Hunt: Myths vs. Facts: Prescription Drugs
  • Q&A on Prescription Drugs
  • What do you know about prescription pain medications?
  • Straight Talk on Prescription Drugs
  • Drug Facts

Medicines in My Home
(geared towards adolescents but also has a section for parents and teachers)

Medicines in My Home was established in 2004 to help sixth graders understand the importance of using over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs properly. Research shows that children begin to self-medicate (using OTC and prescription drugs without direct supervision) around the time they start middle school. Medicines in My Home explains the safety precautions needed for this responsibility by focusing on understanding the information provided on the Drug Facts label for OTCs (a standardized label on most OTCs that explains how, when and why to take a medicine along with any warnings or precautions) as well as prescription labels


The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, offers an online initiative called PEERx to educate 13-15 year olds on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The centerpiece of the initiative is “Choose Your Path,” an innovative video tool that empowers teens to assume the role of the main character and select which path to take at certain points in the drama and then watch the consequences play out onscreen. Other free PEERx resources include: an Activity Guide with step-by-step instructions to help teens organize peers in their school or community group; Peer Into Your Path, a twist on Choose Your Path that invites teens to write their own decision tree-based stories weaving in facts about the effects of prescription drugs; free downloads that can be made into iron-on decals for T-shirts, or posters, wallpaper or stickers; relevant posts from NIDA’s Sara Bellum Blog; and fact sheets.



The Medicine Abuse Project


NEA Health Information Network:  Rx for Understanding


The Prevention Works! A guide for Red Ribbon throughout the Year toolkit is available to all educators in Ohio ot use with their classes, middle through high school.